With Current Economic Crisis and other factors, Halal Advocacy Need YOUR Help!


 Over the last decade, Muslim’s in America have made great strides towards the establishment of the Muslim community as a cornerstone in American culture. Over 100 Muslims have been elected to public office, numerous civic organizations have been initiated, and the development of institutions in the areas of education, finance, legal defense, and research have all embedded the Muslim community into the fabric of America.

However, the needs of Muslim Americans continue to be put on the backburner.

One of the biggest aspects of a Muslim’s life is their ability to conform to a Halal lifestyle, and we believe that the Muslim community is being underserved in regards to the accessibility of Halal foods and services.

Whether it be in school meals, grocery stores, or government programs, the lack of Halal food options is indisputable.

Several months ago, during the height of the pandemic, an incident was reported to American Halal Institute by Ahmed K., a valued member of the Muslim community. Schools had just moved to virtual classrooms, and in an effort to ease the burdens of the pandemic, the district distributed lunches to families of students to supplement meals that would’ve been received in person. Ahmed K., with two children enrolled in the school district, received lunches as part of this program. To his surprise, the lunches consisted of ham (pork) sandwiches, a non-halal food item. The school district, with a sizeable percentage of Muslim students, did not take into account the religious requirements of their students when distributing the meals.

This is one example of the repeated hurdles Muslim’s encounter while trying to adhere to Islamic principles while living in the western world.


 American Halal Institute has made it one of our top priorities to advocate for the accessibility and availability of Halal products and services in the public and private sector.

We are contacting government agencies, private institutions, academic institutions, and elected officials advocating for the inclusivity of Halal options in our everyday lives.

Furthermore, we are hosting free webinars for the Muslim community explaining what we need to do as a collective to ensure our families have sufficient access to Halal foods and services. This includes advocacy training, history of Halal legislation, as well as the importance of using our voices to get what we deserve.

Making Halal products and services easily available for Muslim consumers will not be an easy feat, and we need the support of the community to continue our efforts. Please donate to help the effort to ensure our families are able to thrive as the best Muslims we can be.